If you need advice regarding your choice of degree programme
and place of study, different contact persons can
provide help and support.

General advising

The general avising is familiar with the entirety of the university’s offered degree programmes and offers information and advising services.

Possible questions:

  • Which programme options do I have in my area of interest?
  • Which abilities should I have to successfully complete a certain degree programme?
  • Which formal requirements do I have to meet in order to enrol?
  • How do I apply?
  • What about my chances to get the desired university place?
  • Which subjects are good combinations?
  • Who are the right contact persons for further questions?

Academic advising

The academic advising is offered by representatives of a department who mostly teach classes  themselves and who know the respective degree programme very well.

They give you information  regarding all questions concerning a degree programme in particular.

Possible questions:

  • Does my idea of the programme contents correspond to what is actually taught in my chosen degree programme?
  • What are the main topics?
  • How exactly is the degree programme structured?
  • What are the exam requirements?
  • If you have already studied at another university:Which study achievements are recognised?

International Office

The international office takes care of all the university’s international students and of those planning a stay abroad. It informs you about the organisation of your stay in Germany and abroad and is also responsible for the student advising and the admission of international students—at some universities.

Possible questions:

  • How do I apply for a visa?
  • What are my first steps after having received my admission?
  • Which documents do I need for my resident permit?
  • How do I find a place to live?
  • How do I get health insurance?
  • Which possibilities are there to get financial aid?
  • Who are the right contact persons for further questions?

Info: Please find the contact details in the university profiles.

Campus Spezialisten and Campus Botschafter

Campus Spezialisten and Botschafter are students from higher semesters who tell you about their own experience at the university. They answer questions about your studies and place of study.

Possible questions:

  • What is student life like?
  • What is special about the university and the place of study?
  • Where and how can I find a place to live?
  • What are the differences between school and university?
  • Do you have any personal advice for choosing my degree programme?

Thuringia Student Services (Studentenwerk Thüringen)

The Studentenwerk Thüringen offers information and advice on all social and economic issues which come with student life.

Possible questions:

  • Where can I find a place to live?
  • Which possibilities are there to get financial aid?
  • Is there any support for students with children?
  • Is there any advice or a contact point for students withvdisabilities?

Studentenwerk Thüringen

Philosophenweg 22

07743 Jena 

03641 930 500

Studentenwerk Thüringen