Thuringia offers a wide variety of first class degree programmes
with the best prospects, high teaching quality
and modern equipment as well as a broad range of cultural
and leisure activities.



Four universities, four Universities of Applied Sciences, one university of music, one university of cooperative education and one private university expect you in Thuringia. Each of them offers a distinctive profile and focuses on particular technical, social and artistic areas. Modern seminar rooms, labs and studios offer room for experimentation and to test yourselves.

Apart from the universities, Thuringia has a lot to offer. Studierendenwerk Thüringen helps you to find a place to live, advises you with regard to study financing and provides support in economic and social questions. The Students Services’ cafeterias and dining halls offer meals between 1.50 EUR and 2.60 EUR and in the afternoon you can have a coffee with your fellow students.

Thoska (Thüringer Hochschul- und Studierendenwerkskarte) is the ID card for students which you get after your enrolment and which allows you to make use of the advantages of all the university campuses in Thuringia.

Study without tuition fees—no further costs apart from the usual semester fee and the very reasonable living expenses.

  • Feel at home—the Thuringians’ welcoming and down-to-earth attitude will make you feel at home soon.
  • Find friends—the cities are not too big and you quickly get to know other students.
  • Be entertained—many cultural activities, bars, clubs, theatres and orchestras offer an ideal diversion from studying.
  • You love nature?—the Thuringian Forest, the Saale valley and the barrier lakes are the ideal destinations in every season, inviting you to engage in different sports like mountain biking,  climbing, skiing and rowing.

Thoska serves as your library card for all the Thuringian universities, your copy card and your method of cashless payment.

No matter if you study in Erfurt, Weimar, Ilmenau or Schmalkalden, the next university town is never far away. With the thoska you can use public transport to go from one city to the other for free. The cities are really close together, so that it only takes 15 minutes by train to go from Erfurt to a concert in Weimar and further 15 minutes to do some shopping in Jena.

Despite the close connection, every university has its own profile with specialties regarding the degree programmes and the place of study. Thus, you can make an individual choice of your degree programme and place of study. At the same time, you have the opportunity to be part of the “Campus Thuringia” and to benefit from the advantages of other locations.

After your studies, Thuringia provides career opportunities in many areas: Erfurt and Jena are the growth engines of the entire region and have been evaluated as cities with high or very high development opportunities. But there are many other places in Thuringia with attractive and highly specialised employers. Nevertheless, German language skills are vital if you want to work for a local company—even if many German employers are open for international employees.